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Welcome to JazzAudienceAdvocates.org

There are books, courses and web sites describing how to play jazz and almost no information about how to listen to it. The instruction presented on this site is targeted for the emerging global jazz audience. It is designed to be a non-musician listener’s guide to jazz. It can be of benefit to beginners as well as those with some listening experience. 

We’re an organization dedicated to developing and growing the jazz audience by providing listening tutorials that will enable you, the listener, to more fully understand and enjoy jazz improvisation. Take a look at an early article on the organization at http://www.semja.org/mar2000/

While listening to a jazz group play songs that you like, sometimes it’s hard to follow when the melody ends and the solos begin. If this is a problem for you we’ll show you how to overcome it. 

We believe that if you understand just a few basics of the creative process of jazz, your enjoyment of this wonderful art form will grow. We provide you with these basics.

Improvisation is the artifact of the jazz musician therefore, our objective is to provide listening guides that lead to the understanding of jazz solos. These tutorials are entertaining and easy to follow. They take the novice jazz listener by the hand and present an explanation of the music, how to listen to it and enjoy it. This is done with minimal use of music terminology. In its place, we use the everyday language of the listener. The process is simple, easy, and actually, fun and the site will soon be available in several languages.

Tom Brown
President, Jazz Audience Advocates


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