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We have an ongoing need for financial support and your help is vitality important to us. The following are two of many examples of our web site expenses.

An important part of our mission is to make this site available in a number of languages. Following translation from English with text translation software, we must hire multilingual editors who completely understand the course content in English, and are able to articulate the nuances required to effectively translate it to a second language. Individuals with these skills are difficult to find and their fees are substantial.

Secondly we plan to add new “listening pairs” as we grow the width and breath of our instruction to meet the changing demographics of our site visitors. We have in place the best musicians in our area to perform and provide web site posted musical examples of the “listening pairs” teaching objectives. These talented artists must be reimbursed.

Remember, our organization is dedicated to developing and growing the jazz audience by providing listening tutorials that will enable you, the listener, to more fully understand and enjoy jazz improvisation

To help cover our expenses and keep this valuable resource active, you may write a check or money order to:

Jazz Audience Advocates, Inc.
c/o Thomas R. Brown
643 Ashley Circle
Rochester Hills, MI 48307


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